Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our friends at just launched their new site.  They offer awesome deals on wholesale clothing, wholesale jewelry, wholesale electronics, wholesale laptops and more.  Furthermore, everything is free shipping, that's right no shipping and no handling fees. is a great wholesaler for small retailers who are looking at small bulk quantity below wholesale prices!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maxigrip Tire Studs, awesome solution for big Winters!

Maxigrip Tire Studs are a patented hardened and galvanized hexagonal screw in stud with a special carbide tip and core designed for durability and strength. Mounted and dismounted when needed, with a simple screwdriver and the installation tool, they leave minimal marks in tire, tracks and boots compared to traditional studs.

Maxigrip snow studs provide incredible traction for heavy equipment, motocross, ATVs, tractors, loaders, forklift, skid steer, bobcat and even boots and running shoes! They are also a superb alternative to having a second set of studded winter wheels. Install them easily and remove them after the harsh season. You will be able to reuse them season after season due to their incredible durability.

Awesome for your Winter, get some grip!

• Maxigrip Tire Stud, easy to fit and remove!
• Perfectly suited for off-road, work vehicles and sports vehicle!
• Lower fuel consumption than chains!
• Excellent alternative to snow chains!
• Excellent alternative for people who do not normally use studded tires but do not want to keep slipping around!
• The HM11 Maxigrip Studs can even be fitted to boots and running shoes!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Maxigrip Store Sister Site:

We got a new sister site, a beautiful little site offering gorgeous organic and non-organic maple syrup in elegant bottles, maple cream.

Visit them: MapleSyrupWorld

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MaxiGrip Store finds new friends by featuring its inventory on Facebook

As seen on the Internet Retailer site:

Online tire studs retailer MaxiGrip Store last month added a “Shop” tab to its Facebook page that allows shoppers to browse a selection of its inventory.

Facebook users who visit the MaxiGrip Store Facebook page are shown six products and their prices. Shoppers can click either a Buy Now button, which redirects them to a product page on MaxiGrip’s web site, or Share, which provides a link to the MaxiGrip Store Facebook page on the user’s wall. Facebook walls are part of the pages on the social network where people can share information.

Since adding the tab the site’s traffic has grown 9%—and traffic direct from Facebook has increased two percentage points. Moreover, Maxigrip’s sales increased 7%. That growth is particularly notable since it came during April and May, which are traditionally slow months for MaxiGrip since consumers typically buy tire studs to add traction for icy conditions, says Richard Potvin, the company’s owner.

“It has provided a great social window for our store and has allowed us to expand our audience,” he says.

MaxiGrip Store’s Facebook tab was developed using retail software vendor BigCommerce’s SocialShop software-as-a-service application. Maxigrip pays $24.99 a month for BigCommerce’s bronze service package that includes SocialShop, as well as other features such as web site hosting.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maxigrip Store gets a mention on Yahoo Finance

ECommerce Merchants See Boost in Traffic from BigCommerce SocialShop.

BigCommerce, the leading provider of ecommerce software for small business merchants, today announced that its new SocialShop application is driving significant traffic and sales for its merchants, with nearly 20% of its customers deploying SocialShop in the month since its launch. SocialShop is among the first applications that allow online merchants to sell products from their e-retail sites using Facebook Platform.

SocialShop early adopters are lauding its effectiveness in boosting sales and attracting new customers. For example, Richard Potvin reports that traffic for his online tire studs site Maxigrip Store has increased by about 7% since implementing SocialShop one month ago.

"Facebook is already an important traffic driver for Maxigrip - we get about 9% of our traffic from our Facebook Page," says Potvin. "SocialShop couldn't have come at a more perfect time - at no cost, we've been able to boost sales by 7% during a season that is traditionally slow for us. SocialShop is a really great social window for our store and has allowed us to expand our audience. And all of this at zero added cost - love it!"

SocialShop is also proving effective for highly specialized retailers such as Jason Mellet of Cricket Store Online. This online seller of cricket gear derives more than 10% of his traffic from Facebook, and reports that website sales have doubled since implementing BigCommerce SocialShop just one month ago. Says Mellet, "I think SocialShop is a great way of getting your products out there; I sell to a very niche market, so it's been very rewarding to see that this kind of social tool works for less mainstream products."

BigCommerce SocialShop is easy to install, works with a just a few clicks and is available as a free application. Merchants simply add the BigCommerce SocialShop application to their Facebook Page, enter their store URL, and choose which products they want to display. A "Shop" tab appears on the company's Facebook Page, showing new or popular products from their BigCommerce store. Facebook users can then easily click on a product to learn more, buy the product through the merchant's BigCommerce store, or share the product with their friends on Facebook.

"We've seen enormous uptake from our online merchants who understand the huge opportunity presented by Facebook to drive business and engage directly with customers," said Mitchell Harper, co-Founder and co-CEO of BigCommerce. "We look forward to working with more merchants to expand their marketing and connect with their customers in a social context."

BigCommerce is transforming the ecommerce landscape with its agile approach to product innovation, leapfrogging competitors such as Yahoo! Stores by actively soliciting customer feedback and delivering a steady stream of high-impact feature enhancements. This approach has fueled the company's more than 100% monthly growth rate since its launch in August 2009 and led more than 25% of the company's customers to switch to BigCommerce after using solutions from Yahoo! and others. BigCommerce was voted the #1 ecommerce platform by popular software review Website TopTenReviews.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tire studs regulation in USA and Canada

The MaxigripStore has compiled a list of States/Provinces regulations for the use of tire studs on passenger vehicle such as cars and vans.

It's a great tool if you are unsure of the regulation in your region.